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Do You Need to Buy Air Conditioners in Malta? When & What is the Best Option?

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Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea and has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with warm summers and cold winters. The maximum rainfall happens during the winter and the summers are generally hot and dry.

Since summers are generally hot and dry, it is very important to have an AC or Air Conditioner in Malta. While winters are generally cool, the winter rains make the air wet and moist, making the inside of the homes pungent and damp. Hence it is necessary to have the air conditioners throughout the year in Malta. If you are looking to buy the best AC in Malta, then you are at the right place.

DL Group is one of the most trusted home appliances stores in Malta. We have all kinds of ACs including Bosch Air Conditioners, Gree Air conditioners and other international brands. You can come and visit our home appliances store at Sliema. We have a wide range of home appliances including but not limited to air conditioners, water heaters, ceiling fans, portable fans, portable air conditioners, air purifiers, etc.

You know that you need to buy an AC for your home but do you know which is the right time to buy AC?

Winter is Still a Good Time to Buy Air Conditioners in Malta

Most people assume that an air conditioner is necessary only during the hot summer time. However, it could be no farther than the truth. An air conditioner is not merely a cooler that cools the air and the interiors of your home or office. It conditions the air and makes your interiors habitable and pleasant. It maintains the moisture inside your building and makes breathing and working comfortable for you.

In view of that, it is good to buy your AC in the winter months. There are many good reasons why you should buy your AC during winter.

  • Winter months have a dense and heavy air that makes it hard to breathe.
  • During winter most people keep the doors and windows closed, which can reduce the oxygen flow inside the room. An AC will help you to bring fresh and conditioned air that is rich in oxygen.
  • Another important reason why you need to buy your AC during winter is the fact that the demand for the ACs is relatively low during winter. When the demand is lower the price is relatively less.

Moreover at DL Group, we run attractive offers during the winter period for all your purchases and especially for Gree Air conditioners in Malta.

Gree Air Conditioners in Malta

Gree is one of the highly rated air conditioners in the world. At DL Group we provide deep discounts for your purchases of home appliances. Gree air conditioners come with a warranty of 24 months and you can be assured that you are buying a world class product when you buy the same.

The inverter AC ensures that the normal functioning of the AC is not compromised even when it is running on backup power. The air conditioner can safely run on an inverter power supply.

Turbo Cooling

Gree air conditioner provides turbo cooling operation which quickens the whole cooling of your rooms. No matter how big the room is Gree Air conditioner can quickly condition the air inside your rooms.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

With Wi-Fi connectivity you Gree Air Conditioner can be easily controlled from your mobile phone app. You can remotely switch on or switch off your AC without even entering the home. At DL Group, we provide easy ordering experience and safe delivery of the air conditioners for your home and office use in Malta.


Gree air conditioners can also heat your interiors without the need for a separate heater. The heat pump mechanism conditions the air with the required amount of moisture while increasing the temperature of the room to a comfortable level.

Intelligent Defrosting & Cooling

Gree advanced air conditioner has an intelligent defrosting mechanism that minimises the time period for defrosting. As a result, no or very little energy is only wasted. Every unit of power that is spent for cooling the air is used optimally.

At the same time, the AC also has an intelligent cooling cycle that helps in maximisation of efficiency and effectiveness of the air conditioner.

If you are looking to buy an energy efficient AC in Malta, then DL Group is the right place for you.

Quiet Operation

Do you remember the noisy air conditioners that disturbs your sleep? Well, that is a history. The new and advanced Gree Air Conditioner provides a smooth and stable operation without creating a noise pollution.

Why DL Group is the best place to Buy AC in Malta?

At DL Group, we provide an easy and reliable way to buy home appliances in Malta. Our electronics store in Sliema has all the leading air conditioners in Malta. You can choose from a number of options like Bosch, Gree and other multinational companies.

You can also shop for the electronic appliances in Malta by entering our online store. You can choose any of the products that you like and place your order. Our safe online store provides complete safety in all digital transactions and you can rest assured that our shipping reaches in less than 48 hours. We also provide free installation of large appliances. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and buy the perfect air conditioner for your home today.